Recycling is an important part of life. You just cannot throw away your old clothes. You can create a brand new clothing line absolutely for you! No, there is nothing to worry about. The  old garments will look fabulous.

So get started by rummaging your wardrobe and drawers along with all corners of your house. Sort out the ones dear to your heart. You cannot wear them but cannot throw them out either. They may have a sentimental value attached to them.

Decorated Blouse for the real you

Brand new-old dress

Convert that expensive woolen dress into a loose tank top by adding lace on the sides. Spray-painting an old, yellowed tee shirt has never been so much fun either! You now have a great colorful T-shirt that makes you look smoking hot. There are various ideas! You just have to think about it. The scraped knees of your denim pants can be embellished with a heart made of beads too. A pair of ugly skirts that you have never cared much about could be joined together and made into a cavernous carry bag, one that will help you to shop until you drop!

Dots in Gold

Starry dress

Vibrant pink

Metallic Wonder Tunic

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to diy fashion. Just keep them flowing and earn yourself a spectacular wardrobe in the bargain.

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