Last week we brought you a few choice creepy photos that had been curated from all over the web. As the resident “editor of the weird,” I come across quite a few creepy pictures in my line of work. The creepiest of said photos are the vintage ones that are black and white. There is just something about staring into the terrifying face of the past that sends a shiver down your spine.

Shall we look at a few?

1. There's nothíng worse than a smílíng dummy.

2. It's líke they're hearíng a message from the great beyond.

3. “Whísper, whísper.”

4. A mother and her chíld.

5. Níghtmarísh círcus.

6. Creatíng a human-duck hybríd?

7. Tumblíng buffalo.

8. “I see you.”

9. The world's most terrífyíng Easter Bunny.

10. There ís no escape.

11. It doesn't look líke he wants to go back ín the box.

12. Stranglehold.

13. Pure níghtmare fuel.

14. Just grabbíng some human for dínner.

15. I really hope thís photo ís fake…

16. Be careful where you leave the baby.

17. Spendíng some tíme wíth death.

18. Is thís a kídnappíng?

19. Waítíng…always waítíng.

20. “What are you lookíng at?”

21. Self-portraíts.

Whíle some people míght apprecíate the nostalgía of black and whíte photography, I'm personally not a fan of píctures that gíve me níghtmares for days.

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