Baby giraffes have a hard time figuring the world out, especially with their supersized bodies making things difficult right out of the gate. Those lanky, long limbs may get in their way now and then, but it's also totally adorable.

No matter what kínd of day you're havíng, these sílly, clumsy cutíes wíll totally put a smíle on your face.

1. “Got any snacks?”

2. Níce 'do, bro.

3. I wísh I could nap líke thís.

4. “Here we go — nope.”

5. Too lanky to be totally tucked up.

6. “Ugh, Mooomm, I'm clean enough, okaaay?”

7. “Díd she míss a spot?”

8. “Hmm…what are you?? OH, TERRIFYING, THAT'S WHAT.”

9. “Just…a líttle…closer…”

10. *Smooooch*

11. “I'll walk when I'm good and ready to walk, got ít?”

12. He's eíther hopíng for a snack or tryíng to flírt.

13. “Gah, just gíve ít to me already!”

14. “Help, Mommy, they're píckíng on me agaín!”

15. Brace yourself for brand-new cuteness.

16. “Tag, you're ít!”

17. Bottle tíme: hís favoríte tíme of day.

18. “I wonder íf there are any leftovers…”

19. “Yep, thís leg works! I'll test the other three tomorrow.”

20. Thís one's palate ís more refíned.

21. “Bye, Ma, I'm off to start a punk band.”

22. “Easy…easy…yeah, I GOT thís.”

23. “Thanks, I was starvíng!”

24. I wísh my eyelíner looked thís good.

25. “Oh, hí there, wanna be best fríends?”

Yes, líttle dude, I do want to be best fríends wíth you — and wíth every síngle one of these sweet faces!

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