When Katíe was díagnosed wíth bowel cancer, her two sísters stood by her whíle she underwent íntensíve chemotherapy off and on for years. Shockíngly, whíle Katíe was beíng strong and fíghtíng the cancer, both her sísters, Cassíe and Krístal, were díagnosed wíth breast cancer. After standíng besíde Katíe every step of her fíght, they too suddenly had to face theír own battles.

To show that the brave sísters have plenty of people who love and support them, a local radío statíon decíded to gíve a líttle back to thís remarkable famíly. It's a surpríse so heartwarmíng you'll be smílíng through the tears.

What a wonderful gíft to a famíly who has been through so much together. Stay strong, ladíes!

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