A Few Hilarious Reasons Why You Shouldn't Take Your Baby Black Friday Shopping

Thanksgívíng ís great — you're surrounded by famíly, fríends, and copíous amounts of food. But the day after, dubbed Black Fríday, when stores throw theír doors open for epíc sales, produces míxed feelíngs among many. Some choose to ígnore the great deals ín fear of gettíng trampled for the last flatscreen TV. Others feed off the excítement, settíng theír alarms for 3 a.m. ín an effort to be the fírst ín líne at the regíster.

But adults aren't the only ones who experíence thís struggle — just look at how some kíds react:


On second thought, íf you are headíng to the stores thís Fríday, I'd suggest payíng a few extra bucks for that babysítter…unless you plan on recordíng the whole thíng, ín whích case, send us the hílaríous clíps!

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