Rooted in tradition—and, like, every old cowboy movie ever—the bandana’s come to serve as a symbol of confidence, freedom, and, well… just downright awesome. That said, though, when it comes to styling one nowadays, there’s a very fine yet distinctly definitive line between boho-chic free-spirited and Bret Michaels cruising the country in a love bus free-spirited.

1. Bring out the boho

Pair a flag-printed style with slouchy silhouettes for a totally carefree vibe.

2. Go retro

Finish up with a cat eye to really pay homage to old-school Americana.

3. Give it a twist

4. Dress up short hairstyles

5. Add volume to a sock bun

6. Bow-bedeck a ponytail

7. Wrap it up


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