Converse shoes have become so popular and iconic that almost everyone has them – men, women, boys, girls, even the older ones enjoy the comfort that these shoes offer. Though they’re quite fashionable, being a fashionista sometimes just makes you want to personalize your Converse shoes, just so they match your outfits or look unique from all the rest. If you’re planning on personalizing and customizing your own pair, check out these cute DIY Converse makeover ideas.

  • Glittery Converse shoes – because nothing can go wrong when you cover things in glitter, be it shoes, shorts, tops, flip flops or whatnot. Making your own glittery Converse shoes is actually quite simple. Just paint fabric glue on to the area where you want your Converse shoes covered, sprinkle the glitter on, shake of the excess, let dry and apply another layer of fabric glue to act as a top coat and seal the glitter in. Don’t worry if it looks tacky at first, the glue will clear up as it dries.

  • Doodle Converse shoes – if you have a hand for drawing and doodling, why not use your Converse shoes as a blank canvass to make your own doodle? It’s a really great way to add chicness to your Converse shoes and you’re sure that no one else in the planet will have the exact same pair of Converse shoes as you. Fill your doodle in with lots of bright colors to make your shoes really stand out and pop. If you only have Converse shoes in dark colors, there’s really no need to buy a white one to doodle on. Just bleach them to lighten the color up and make it ready for use as a canvass.

  • Bedazzled Converse shoes – wearing Converse shoes with a wedding dress has become quite the trend for cool, hip and young brides recently. If you’re planning to do the same for your big day, why not make yours extra special, girly and fit for a bride by beddazling them? You can add rhinestones, faux gems and crystals to give your Converse shoes that bridal feel.

  • Studded Converse shoes – the simpliest way to make your plain old Converse shoes look cooler and edgier is ,of course, to stud them. You can use studs of any color or size that you want and you can do this whichever way you please, whether with a pattern or with just random and abstract designs. You can also add some spikes to your Converse shoes to give it a more ‘rock and roll’ kind of vibe. Older, worn Converse shoes are easier to stud because the material / fabric will then have grown thinner for the studs to easily penetrate through.

  • Bleached Converse shoes – this has got to be the easiest DIY you can do to give your Converse shoes a makeover. Just splash bleach over little areas on your shoes and watch the color fade for that bleached look that’s perfect for summer. Replace regular straps with bright ones and you’re ready to go! Be careful not to drench the whole shoe in bleach, though. That will just turn it into a faded yellowish white color.



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