Cheetahs are very beautiful wild animals which are known for its strength and agility. If this animal embodies your spirit, or if you just want to show support for the conservation of wildlife, then a cheetah print tattoo is for you. It’s colorful and unique, and will truly make you look fierce! Here are some samples of cheetah print tattoos.

Cheetah spots. A cheetah’s hide is unique. If you want a simple yet stylish tattoo, then have the pattern printed on your top of your hand. Depending on your mood, you can go for a monochromatic black or have some specks of yellow.

Cheetah ribs. Having a tattoo on your ribs will make you look sexy. It’s one fashion accessory which you can flaunt at the beach during summer. If you’re looking for a wild and trendy rib tattoo, then ask your tattoo artist to draw cheetah prints on your sides. This will give you a look that can make others roar!

Cheetah legs. Another awesome place to have cheetah print tattoos inked is the leg. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right or the left one, you can have glorious gams with the cheetah print. Whether it’s just black or with tinctures of yellow, people will be in awe when they see your cheetah-printed legs.

Cheetah  tattoo on hip

Cheetah scratch marks. Scratch marks revealing Cheetah hide underneath is a nice idea for a tattoo. It means that you are ready to unleash a cheetah should the situation call for it. You can place it on your upper back, or even at the sides of your torso. No matter where you place it, this ink will show that there’s a fierce Cheetah in you!

Cheetah star. If you want a unique ink design, go for cheetah print tattoos in the shape of a star. This takes the ordinariness from a simple star tattoo because the insides are decorated with cheetah print. This minimalistic tattoo can be put anywhere – on your hand, ankle, back, forearm, foot, and even at the sides.

Cheetah print  tattoo on back

Long cheetah  or leopard print tattoo. If you can endure a long tattoo session, then go for cheetah print tattoos on your back. One of the best designs is an S-shaped tattoo which starts from your nape and ends at your tailbone. While you can’t always flaunt this ink, you can expect to draw eyes on you when you hit the beach in a skimpy bikini.


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