You won’t believe what’s going on in one corner of O’Hare International Airport. Goats, sheep, llamas and wild burros are helping out the airport with a very important job: mowing the grass.

O’Hare strives to be environmentally friendly, with their green roofs and past protecting the environment, including a large bee colony.

“Welcome to Project Herd!” said Rosemarie Andolino, head of the Chicago Department of Aviation, announcing the new effort. It’s adorable and smelly… but it’s definitely environmentally friendly:


Other airports have similar programs, including at San Francisco International, which uses a company called Goats R Us to clear brush each spring. Atlanta and Seattle also attempt to use animals to cut down the weeds and grass.

The project will lower the landscape maintenance costs and will hopefully make the soil and water in the area cleaner. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a llama before boarding a plane?

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