Chunky highlights are a famous trend today. You’ll see many people, celebrities and non celebrities alike, sporting chunky highlights on their hair. Chunky highlights also function like thin or regular highlights as it focuses on lightening up various sections of hair to add more depth and dimension to it. There are quite a few things you have to think before getting chunky highlights. Here are some:

  • Survey current trends – before you go ahead and get yourself some chunky highlights, observe the current trend that’s going on for them. This will help ensure that your hairstyle does not look dated with the way you’re getting your chunky highlights since trends can only change every so often.

  • Better on straight hair – chunky highlights look more well-defined on straight hair rather than curly hair so you might want to get your hair straightened out or get yourself a straightening iron if you ever decide on getting chunky highlights and you have naturally curly hair.

  • Think where to place your highlights – whether you want a bold and edgy look or just a subtle accent depends on where you place your chunky highlights. You can have them done on your whole hair in sections like regular highlights or you can have them done as accents by having them placed at the bangs, the tips of your hair or just on either sides of the face. Having one big strand of chunky highlights placed on just one side can look very complicated.

  • Consider your face shape – are you aware of what face shape you have? Is your face round, oval, square or heart shaped? Chunky highlights can work for a great variety of facial shapes.

  • For round faces – make sure to put highlight away from the hairline around the face to avoid making your face look even rounder. Instead, place your chunky highlights back from the hairline to gain a slimming effect.

  • For square faces – go for chunky highlights that are places all over to flatter your facial shape more. This will also emphasize your facial features better.

  • For heart shaped faces – try to get chunky highlights around your crown to balance out the narrowness of your chin and lessen the elongated look.

  • For oval shaped faces – avoid making your face look longer by having your chunky highlights placed only at the ends of your hair.

  • Choose colors wisely – choose colors for your chunky highlights that will either contrast or complement you hair color. You can ask your hair stylist to assess your hair and for color recommendations before getting chunky highlights. Just be sure to tell him what look you want to achieve.

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Chunky Highlights on Pinterest
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