Awesome and Easy to do at home  pedicure designs for  the summer.

This summer, you need to have nice, well-pedicured feet so you can flaunt them in the beach. Apart from having a lovely sandal or slippers, the best thing that can complete your look is a set of beautiful toenails. Here are cute pedicure designs which you can finish in just a few steps.

French  pedicure tips.

This might be an easy style, but it’s very elegant and great for any kind of occasion. Go for a unique look by using another color for your tips, instead of the usual white. Shocking blue or eclectic pink will draw eyes to your trendy toenails.

Solid color with stones. You just need to pick your favorite nail color and spread them on your toenails.

This look might be simple, but you can glam it up by gluing a rhinestone or cat’s eye on the center of each toenail. You can also use a striper to add chicness to your feet.

Argyle toenail design

White pedicure

Neon blue pedicure

Alternating colors.

 For this style you just need your two favorite nail colors which can work well when combined. Paint one color on one half of your toenail, and another shade on the other half. You can divide the colors vertically or diagonally.

Instead of two, you can funk up your look by using three colors. Paint the colors in a reverse fashion to have psychedelic toenails. You can also use a striper and draw some designs on your nails.

Cool candy colored toenails

With this beautiful nail style you need five different nail colors. All you just need to do is apply a different color per nail. This design will greatly complement your vibrant summer garment.

Transform this simple design to the perfect summer style by using a striper to draw on the bed, or by pasting a gemstone on the big toenail (or all toenails, if you like.)

Checkerboard. For this simple pedicure  design you need a nail polish and a striper in a contrasting color.

First, paint your favorite color on your toenails. Dry them out and use a striper to draw alternating squares on your nails.

Or simply use toenail stickers with cute design

If you want a more colorful design, you can use two or three striper colors. I like bright  pedicure designs !

You  can draw some lines and flowers by hand

Polka dots. Just like the checkerboard design, you just need your favorite nail shade and a striper in another color.

After painting your nails, you can use the striper to draw dots on your nail bed.

You can paste a cat’s eye on your nails to create a ‘sparkly’ polka dot pedicure.

Nail stickers, for example minx  for toe nails

Minx pedicure

Leopard toenail design

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