It’s so cute.

Imagine being the only pet in the house. You’re very big for your breed, and have no problem walking among other dogs which are smaller than you. For years you  have the full attention of your master.

Then one day, you find an intruder in your home.  You can hear it in the other room and it is noisy. And it is moving around like it owns the place. But you know that it’s your job to protect the house so, despite your age, you come into the room.

But when you come into the room, you find something you didn’t expect at all…a new little friend!

Meet Dempsey the dog, and Rufus the kitten!

Dempsey examined this little kitten and seemed to like it.

He looks out for this small creature

And even has his back if he gets in trouble!

A perfect big friend for a kitten, don’t you think so?

I just wish I could have such friend.

When Rufus first showed up, who knew that everything turns like that? Well I’m really glad we can observe this heartmelting result!

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