This series of paintings by Poland based artist Pawel Kuczynski helps to remind us that there is more than one way to view the world. Working since 2004 to show us the world behind the world, his ideas make us reconsider what we take for granted. Check them out, and maybe you’ll see things in a new light too.

01 - lwX495i

02 - 8hajDQn

03 - IKm1oth

04 - xBGpFke

05 - UDMIQEl

06 - PZOSuDT

07 - sEWccr9

08 - O1mHA2R

09 - DiLXNCj

10 - APOx9zs

11 - Q5N2w8U

12 - ZzjdNwh

13 - r1fTc6W

14 - LRnNimq

When I look at these paintings, I feel the range of potential emotions. Whether the fear of time slipping away, or the tragedy of loss, or even the cynicism of war. It’s truly amazing. Most importantly though, they change my perspective and give me a wake up call. I don’t know about you, but I plan on buying one ASAP.

Share this with others and let them know how they’ve affected you. I bet they’ll feel the same.

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