Youve heard of the right stuff, well what about the right brush? When it comes to nail art, it isn’t a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. With the proper brush, a tech can create everything from thin detailed lines, to color-blended;shadows, and even elaborate flowers. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right brush for your special designs.

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How to use your nailart brushes WITH POLISH + ONE STROKE. 
I ve had the same question a few times over some of my designs.

Nail Art Brushes – Nail Art 101
Nail Art Brushes Oh, my dear sweet striping brush. This long, thin brush is used for painting skinny lines or any time you want to have a long, smooth line.

Polish Pals: FAQ: Nail Art Brushes
Hey guys! I finally have time to create a FAQ post about nail art brushes! I was asked to create a tutorial on how to use nail art brushes.

Basic nail art tools for DIY nail art beginners | Nail Art Love 
They are nail polishes that come with a long, thin brush rather than the usual flat and broad ones.

NAS: Where to Buy Nail Art Brushes and How to Use Them – Learn. 
A lot of readers have been enquiring about where to buy nail art brushes and how to use them. So I decided to write a post.

How to Use Nail Art Brushes | eBay
Learning the proper use of each brush type is the most important thing to know when starting to use nail art brushes. 

How to design with Nail Art Tools and Brushes – Esther’s Nail Center
First you need to know about nail art tools and nail art brushes. Brush, Nail Art Detail Brush, Use nail art flat brush for wider stroke such as petal and teardrop.

How To Use a Nail Art Brush: Mani Monday | Birchbox

  How To Use Nail Art Brushes

How To Use a Nail Art Brush: Mani Monday As much as we love nail art, were better at admiring designs than coming up with them ourselves.

How to: Clean Nail Art Brushes – The Daily Varnish
Nail art that requires special brushes is a fairly recent addition to my nail. Do not use acetone nail polish remover on your nail art brushes.

Haute Lacquer: Beginner’s Guide to Nail Art
White and black polishes are good for nail art 6. Keep your design at its best 7. Where to buy nail art brushes 8. How to use dotting tools 9.

Haute Lacquer: Nail Art Brushes I Use
I have been using Born Prettys nail art brushes for a while now and I am more than impressed! These are the only ones I use.

The Right Brush – Style – NAILS Magazine 
When it comes to nail art, it isnt a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. How Its Used: Excellent for short strokes.

15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set Review from Born Pretty Store 
A review of the 15 piece nail art brush set from Born Pretty Store. 15pcs Nail Art Painting Pen Brush
Use for your natural or false nails, 15 pcs nail art pens & brush for design & painting set, Suitable for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas.

The Nailasaurus | UK Nail Art Blog: My Nail Art Brushes
This is a post Ive had a few requests for and been meaning to put together for a while. Today, Ill show you the brushes I use in my nail art.

Askmewhats: Readers’ Corner: Nail Art Brushes and Their Uses 
Nail art brushes doesnt have to be expensive or specifically made for nails. The long striper brush is best used to create thin lines.

How To Use A Nail Art Brush (Nail Art) – Videojug
I would like to show you how to use nail art brushes.

Nail Art Brushes and Tools – Trans Design
Set includes one Detail Brush, one Medium Striper Brush & one Long Striper Brush in a clear plastic case. Pens are recommended to be use with Flexbrush.

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