Chambray isn’t really a new trend and it’s been around for quite a while now but we just love how this fabric is wearable all year long. What makes chambray so gorgeous is that it gives you that casual off-duty look you’d get from denim but it feels so much softer compared to denim and it actually feels like linen. In our book, chambray is definitely a must have in any woman’s closet. Aside from the fact that you can wear it no matter what time of the year it is, there are also countless ways that you can wear this piece. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a chambray shirt.

  • With denim – very basic yet super trendy, this combination of a chambray shirt and denim pants can be called either a Canadian tux or a Texas tux. To get this look, all you need to do is make sure your chambray shirt and your denim pants are of two different colors (one light wash and the other dark wash) to get that two-toned look. It’s simple and great as a casual outfit any day.



  • Over a dress – this look is very cool and is great if you want something feminine but not too girly. Wear a chambray shirt open on top of any dress and instantly give it a lovely, casual vibe. This is also a great way to dress down a piece that’s rather dressy. Wear it to a lunch date or for coffee out with your girl friends.

  • Tucked into a pencil skirt – if you’re one of the lucky girls who have dress down Fridays (or any other day) at the workplace, you’re surely going to love this outfit idea. A chambray shirt tucked into a pencil skirt paired with heels is a casual yet polished look that you can wear to the office without having to worry that it’s ‘too casual’ for your environment.

  • Colored jeans – here’s a refreshing take on the denim on denim trend: wear your chambray shirt with colored jeans for a fjun, casual and stylish outfit that you can wear on days when you just want something easy and quick but still trendy.

  • With tulle – if you want an outfit that’s both casual and uber girly, how about wearing a chambray shirt with a tulle skirt? Nothing fluffy like a tutu, though. That might have you looking like a ballerina lost in the streets. Look for a tulle skirt with simpler lines and silhouette like a midi with a tulle overlay. When done right, this combo will have you looking like Carrie Bradshaw.

  • With printed pants – need to liven up your chambray shirt? Try wearing printed pants with it and see how the colors and prints on your pants can instantly make your overall look more engaging and a whole lot more cheery.

  • With bright colors – yes, the chambray can look a little gloomy and boring on its own but there are endless ways to liven and brighten it up and one way is to wear bright colors with it. Bright colored jeans, a bright belt, a purse in a striking color, neon accessories – these are just several things you can wear with a chambray shirt to make it brighter and more lively.


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