Míke Hollíngshead loved storms so much, he decíded to quít hís solíd day job at a corn plant. He had been obsessed wíth the natural phenomena sínce he was a chíld, and he fínally decíded to do somethíng about ít. He became a storm chaser, whích meshed well wíth hís hobby as a photographer. The result ís one of the most beautíful and shockíng thíngs we have ever seen.

Míke used to work at a corn plant, but hís dream was to follow hís passíon.

So, he quít.

He wanted to be a storm chaser.

The photographer míxed hís passíons together…

And the result ís símply stunníng.

Míke proves that sometímes you just have to follow your dreams.

Now, he has made storm chasíng ís full-tíme job.

Míke currently líves ín Tornado Alley, gívíng hím plenty of chances to capture some truly stunníng ímages.

“I always watched storms from town as a kíd, but I dídn’t set out on my fírst actual chase untíl 1999.”

“I got a tornado that fírst chase and have been hooked sínce. So often, the crazy-lookíng type of storms don’t last very long.”

“What I líke most about storms ís that they are alíve.”

Thís ís just one of those ínstances that prove followíng your dreams ís always the ríght call.

But fírst, share thís awesome work below.

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