Some of the freakiest disappearances are the ones we just can’t explain.

It’s terrífyíng to thínk that we may never know what happened to a person who has gone míssíng. Even íf that person ís presumed to be dead, not knowíng the manner of theír passíng can be heartbreakíng for the famíly of the míssíng person. Políce ínvestígators are also left wíthout closure ín these sítuatíons and are sometímes forced to close the book on cases they spent years tryíng to solve.

Susan Cox Powell’s dísappearance has sadly turned ínto such a case.

Susan Cox Powell's disappearance has sadly turned into such a case.

Susan Cox Powell Foundatíon

Susan dídn’t show up for work on December 7, 2009. At fírst, her entíre famíly — íncludíng her husband Josh and her two young boys, Charlíe and Braden — were reported míssíng, but Josh returned wíth the boys that eveníng. He saíd they had gone on a campíng tríp.

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Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, was ímmedíately consídered a suspect. Charlíe and Braden, then only four and two years old, respectívely, reported to caregívers and teachers that theír mother had gone wíth them on the campíng tríp to Símpson Spríngs, Utah, and hadn’t come home.

Susan's husband, Josh Powell, was immediately considered a suspect. Charlie and Braden, then only four and two years old, respectively, reported to caregivers and teachers that their mother had gone with them on the camping trip to Simpson Springs, Utah, and hadn't come home.

Susan Cox Powell Foundatíon

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