The nose knows what it wants, so why doesn’t anyone want to adopt this lovable pooch in Glasgow, Scotland? Snuffles is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix, a breed known for high intelligence and wonderful personalities. But he has been sitting by himself in the Dog’s Trust Rehoming Center. No one wants to adopt him because he was born a little different than the rest of the dogs at the shelter…

Snuffles is a genetic oddity. He was born with 2 noses.

This dog up for adoption is still cute as a button, but people are turned off by his nose.

The nostrils aren’t fused together and they can even move independently of each other.

Snuffles is only 4 months old and he already has lived in 4 DIFFERENT homes.

For now, he is hanging out at the Dogs Trust.

It’s hard to understand why no one wants to take this adorable dog home.

Just because he is different…

Doesn’t mean he is a bad dog.

Snuffles is an affectionate, smart and fun-loving puppy full of bounce and love. Would you take him home?

If you live near Glasgow and would love to take Snuffles home, visit the Dogs Trust site and contact them! There is no reason that a dog like Snuffles should go unloved.

In fact, we think he is even cuter because of this congenital defect. Some dogs are bred to look this way, so why won’t anyone love Snuffles? Is it just because he doesn’t fit the “breed standard?”

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*UPDATE: After receiving more than 60 inquires, Snuffles has found a new loving home in Scotland.

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