Say you decided your plain nails are looking a little boring, or your current nail color isn’t working with our outfit. But, oh no, you don’t seem to have any nail polish! No worries, you can pull it off with Sharpie markers easily.

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Sharpie Nail Art on Pinterest
Discover Pins about sharpie nail art on Pinterest. See more about sharpie nails, usmc nails and mermaid hair waves.

NAILS – sharpies on Pinterest
Pins about NAILS – sharpies hand-picked by Pinner Paula North. See more about sharpie nails, sharpie nail art and sharpie.

Tag Archive for "sharpie nail art" – The Beauty Department: Your. 
Most of you will remember our gold sharpie nail post HERE. The other day we stumbled on an even better nail art tool.

10 Sharpie Manicure Ideas | You Put It On
I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich Sharpie manicures. YARPP. This entry was posted in Beauty.

DIY Sharpie Nail Art Tutorial  This shows how you can do this easy DIY nail art with a Sharpie. It is really easy.


How to Color Your Nails With Sharpie Markers: 16 Steps
Say you decided your plain nails are looking a little boring, or your current nail color isnt working with our outfit. This will protect your natural nails from staining (though the sharpie will come off) and help you remove the design. Do Nail Art.

DIY Sharpie Nail Art – KoraBucks – HubPages I will show you different designs you can use to create awesome nail art with a sharpie.

Pinstrosity: Sharpie Nail Polish?! I am not much a nail art with Sharpie person, I generally just use polish or acrylic paints! Let us know!! I am sure we have some Sharpie lovers.

Sharpie Nail Art | Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips! My new favorite nail art tool was discovered. sharpie 5. Four simple steps to make amazing Sharpie art nails! Pick a favorite color-I used two.

Easiest Nail Art Ever with Sharpie Markers! I actually like to use an extra fine black Sharpie Marker quite often for nail art. So when I spotted a 3 pack of the new-ish Sharpie Metallic.

DIY Nail Designs with Sharpie Marker | Kelly Gene I love the trend of all these nail polish designs, but nail polish is. However, I always have lots of Sharpie markers on hand! Posted in Fashion | Tagged DIY nail polish designs, easy nail art, how-to, sharpie marker art.


Nail Art You Can Actually Do in 5 Minutes – Cosmopolitan 15 Easy Nail Art Ideas You Can Actually Do in 5 Minutes. Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 show used loved ones names) with Sharpie markers.

Sharpie Nail Art Inspired By Mondrian (And Kandinsky, Too!) – xoVain Sharpie Nail Art Inspired By Mondrian (And Kandinsky, Too!) I experienced a lightbulb moment while shopping the aisles of my local Staples.

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers 3/Pkg-Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Pens.  Had read a nail art how to and these sharpies worked as promised.

DIY: Sharpie Nail Art | Lovelyish I love black nail polish. I dont love how obvious any chips and wear patterns in my at home manicures are. I also dont have the time to re-paint.

Nail Art How To: Easy peasy gold sharpie nails | Sugarscape | Want some glitzy nail art? Better give these easy peasy metallic sharpie nails ago. Watch the how to at

Sharpie Nail Art for a Lazy and Clumsy Girl – Instructables
I dont often do nail arts and coquettishly things. But when I do, I use my Sharpie

Does sharpie marker come of your nails? – Yahoo Answers
If you do it with sharpie then make sure you put a clear coat over it or else it will smudge. Yes it does, but I still use it for my nail art all the time.

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