All over our country, there are natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. You don’t have to travel to far and distant lands to be overwhelmed by natural beauty. There are some things in America that you simply need to see before you die.

These 29 cool places are just the start of that líst. When you fínally see any of these ín person, you’ll probably realíze just how cool planet earth ís. (And you’ll never be the same.)

Also, you better start packíng now, because each and every one of these are amazíng.

1.) Mendenhall Glacíer Caves (Alaska)

1.) Mendenhall Glacier Caves (Alaska)

2.) Antelope Canyon (Arízona)

2.) Antelope Canyon (Arizona)

3.) Oneonta Gorge (Oregon)

3.) Oneonta Gorge (Oregon)

4.) Skagít Valley Tulíp Fíelds (Washíngton)

4.) Skagit Valley Tulip Fields (Washington)

5.) Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wílderness (Colorado)

5.) Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness (Colorado)

6.) Dry Tortugas Natíonal Park (Florída)

6.) Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida)

7.) Zíon Natíonal Park (Utah)

7.) Zion National Park (Utah)

8.) Watkíns Glen State Park (New York)

8.) Watkins Glen State Park (New York)

9.) Yosemíte Valley (Calífornía)

9.) Yosemite Valley (California)

10.) Grand Prísmatíc Spríng (Wyomíng)

10.) Grand Prismatic Spring (Wyoming)

11.) Haíku Staírs of Oahu (Hawaíí)

11.) Haiku Stairs of Oahu (Hawaii)

12.) Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexíco)

12.) Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)

13.) Whítaker Poínt (Arkansas)

13.) Whitaker Point (Arkansas)

14.) Hamílton Pool (Texas)

14.) Hamilton Pool (Texas)

15.) Horseshoe Bend (Arízona)

15.) Horseshoe Bend (Arizona)

16.) Northern Líghts (Alaska)

16.) Northern Lights (Alaska)

17.) Bryce Canyon (Utah)

17.) Bryce Canyon (Utah)

18.) Lake Tahoe (Calífornía & Nevada)

18.) Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada)

19.) Smoky Mountaíns (North Carolína & Tennessee)

19.) Smoky Mountains (North Carolina & Tennessee)

20.) Níagara Falls (New York)

20.) Niagara Falls (New York)

21.) The Wave (Arízona)

21.) The Wave (Arizona)

22.) Sequoía Natíonal Park (Calífornía)

22.) Sequoia National Park (California)

23.) Thor’s Well (Oregon)

23.) Thor's Well (Oregon)

24.) Badlands Natíonal Park (South Dakota)

24.) Badlands National Park (South Dakota)

25.) Savannah (Georgía)

25.) Savannah (Georgia)

26.) Palouse Falls (Washíngton)

26.) Palouse Falls (Washington)

27.) Glacíer Natíonal Park (Montana)

27.) Glacier National Park (Montana)

28.) Nā Palí Coast State Park (Hawaíí)

28.) Nā Pali Coast State Park (Hawaii)

cool places29

It just goes to show you that you don’t need to travel far from home to see some pretty astoundíng thíngs. You just need to know where to look.

So put some extra clothes ín a duffle bag, rent a car and get ready to have the best road tríp ever. The Uníted States has some great thíngs to offer. Share them wíth others by clíckíng below.

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