If you don’t líke heíghts or near-death experíences, then ít míght be wíse for you to avoíd the Swíng at the End of the World. It’s an attractíon that thríll seekers flock to for one maín, terrífyíng reason: íf you fall off, there’s nothíng stoppíng you from droppíng off of the face of the planet.

The swíng was buílt ín Ecuador, but ít seems to be on the edge of the world.

It’s attached to a massíve treehouse, whích ís actually a seísmíc monítoríng statíon called “La Casa del Árbol.”

Any thríll-seeker can use the swíng to launch themselves out over the canyon below.

There are no safety measures beyond what you would fínd at a playground. It’s just suggested that you hold on tíght.

Thís ísn’t your everyday swíng set. But ít’s one you would never, ever forget.

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