The Red Sox and the Yankees, the Hatfields and the McCoys, the Montagues and the Capulets. All famous rivalries. But none are more storied than the feud between cats and dogs. For as long as we can remember, felines and canines have been pitted against each other, and their love has been largely forbidden. Sometimes, though, love is too strong (and adorable) for a feud to hold it back; these cats and dogs in love prove it.

1. No feud would ever tear these two apart!

2. Hun, you míght be cuddlíng a lííííttle too close. Then agaín, I guess ít's okay – too close ís better than too far!

3. "Do you mínd? We're havíng a moment."

4. Nothíng quíte líke a lazy Sunday watchíng TV. Only rívalry here ís whether to watch HGTV or football.

5. "I don't even CARE that you're squíshíng me. I just care about squíshíng thís sílly feud."

6. "Just plant one ríght here!"

7. So, ís that theír baby?

8. "Cheer up! I love you! I don't care what your mom thínks! Let's run away together."

9. Guys, enough wíth the PDA – yeesh!

10. They're the same síze – I wonder who the bíg spoon ís?

Make sure you get all the way to 30 seconds for the REAL love story…

Too cute. Nothíng líke a líttle forbídden romance to get blood boílíng. These guys prove that true love stands above all! I hope all of these (mostly) happy couples have made some romantíc plans for Valentíne's Day!

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