There are several reasons why stuffed animals sell by the truckloads each year. They’re very cute, low-cost and a less-responsibility alternative to a real animal. That’s why we all buy them for our kids who are completely satisfied by this. But what if you buy a stuffed animal for your animal? And what happens if that animal looks like your own real animal?

Well…sometimes it happens.

1. Such lovely hugs.

2. Is he my daddy?

3. Can you tell which one is real?

4. He doesn’t like his stuffed brother.

5. She treats him like her own baby.

6. Best friends, aren’t they?

7. All dressed up to see his stuffed friend.

8. Both of them are so cute.

9. This small dog is satisfied with a new company.

10. These two look like twins! The best match.

11. Can you find a real dog? Because we aren’t sure we can.

12. His stuffed replica is never sleepy.

13. Not very pleased with that stuff…

14. You both are.

15. Fluffy kittens!

16. He adores his big fluffy, fake brother.

17. They look so alike!

18. Oh, I don’t want to think what may happen next.

19. That stuffed animal has a very strange look…

20. Can you see a Nike sign?

21. Kissing? Already?

22. Eventigers like a stuffed animal.

23. Aren’t they both real?

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