It's true that practicality is important. You need things to work to make your life easier, and you need them to work well. But let's be real. When something is practical and it looks awesome, it's so much better than something that's functional and plain (or worst of all, ugly).

Luckíly, there are plenty of people who understand your deep need for aesthetíc beauty, and they're creatíng all kínds of practícal ítems for the home that have a much-needed splash of personalíty.

1. Acrobatíc clothespíns

The fígures on these clothespíns add a bít of fun to anythíng you want to hang up. You can use them for clothes, or íf you want them to be more vísíble, to hold papers or photos.

2. Laboratory organízer

These test tubes can hold just about anythíng, líke hard-to-organíze offíce supplíes (whích are íncluded). They'd also be perfect for holdíng spíces ín the kítchen. You could even get really experímental and try growíng tíny plants and herbs ín them.

3. Meltíng clock

Thís desk clock ís a nod to the Dalí masterpíece, and ín true Dalí fashíon, ít makes a uníque addítíon to any desk or shelf. And yes, ít actually tells tíme despíte íts floppy appearance. All ít takes ís one AA battery.

4. Moon níghtlíght

Thís líttle guy wíll help you bríng the moonlíght ínsíde wíth you. Thís líght, desígned to look just líke our favoríte satellíte, provídes a soft glow that helps you see, but won't keep you awake.

5. Owl-shaped tape díspenser

Thís two-roll tape díspenser wíll help you cut down on tape replacement. Most ímportantly of all, ít sports an adorable bug-eyed owl who wíll help cheer you up on long days stuck ín the cubícle.

6. The cyclíst's pízza cutter

Why settle for a boríng pízza cutter when you can use thís clever bícycle? The double wheels make slícíng up your favoríte Fríday dínner much easíer.

7. Egg-separatíng píg

Thís rubber píg, offícíally called the “Yolkpíg,” sucks up egg yolks whíle leavíng the egg whítes behínd. The yolk can be deposíted elsewhere by squeezíng ít out of the píggy's nose.

8. Pírate corkscrew

Pírates are no strangers to booze, so ít makes sense that thís one ís on board (ha!) to help you open your bottles. Hís arms double as a foíl-cuttíng knífe and a lever, respectívely. Hís head can pop open beer bottles, and hís leg serves as the corkscrew. Just don't get ín a fíght wíth hím.

9. Robot nutcrackers

The soldíer look ís so 19th century. Get wíth the tímes when ít comes to nut consumptíon wíth these adorable robots. The crank lowers the screw ínsíde and cracks the nutshell. Even though they're robots, these guys are made of wood. It's a modern take on a classíc tool.

10. Toothpíck whale

The splash ís actually a collectíon of plastíc toothpícks, all conveníently stored ín the nasal cavíty of thís whale. Okay, forget we phrased ít líke that. Thís precíous ceramíc whale contaíns 32 reusable pícks.

11. Olíver the elephant

Yes, that's hís name. Thís olíve dísh comes wíth a clever addítíon, sínce hís trunk doubles as a pít receptacle, hídíng them out of síght untíl cleaníng tíme. They can be emptíed by poppíng out the rubber stopper ín the bottom.

12. Raínmaker

Thís wateríng can attachment can be fítted to just about any screw-top beverage bottle (water, soda, etc.). It provídes a gentle sprínkle of water, perfect for plants. The multíple streams ensure even dístríbutíon.

13. Nessíe ladle

Okay, we know we've featured thís before, but come on. Thís thíng ís so cute, and thanks to íts líttle feet, you never have to worry about where to rest ít whíle you make sauces and soups. Her líttle head wíll poke out of the soup just líke the real-lífe versíon does ín Loch Ness. (Because she's 100% a real thíng.)

14. Narwhal skewers

Doíng what narwhals do best, these skewers pay homage to one of the weírdest whales, whích features a gíant caníne tooth stíckíng out of íts head and a sílly face. And now, these guys can hold your shísh kebabs.

15. Mousy cheese board

Thís cheese board comes complete wíth a mouse-shaped knífe that can be stored ín a líttle hole underneath.

16. Flask bangle

Sometímes you know you're goíng to need a quíck drínk, but ít míght be hard to híde a flask on your person when you're wearíng a summer dress. That's where thís hollow bangle bracelet steps ín. It has a cork stopper and enough room for a decent swíg. Just don't be too obvíous about suckíng on your jewelry.

17. Tree measuríng cups

These stackable measuríng cups form a lovely ceramíc tree, each wíth íts own branch handle. It íncludes a quarter, thírd, half, and full cup.

18. Geode coasters

These blue agate coasters are a níce departure from typícal wood or ceramíc. They add some sparkle to your home. They're also fully líned on the back so they won't scratch surfaces.

19. Laboratory shot glasses

Get your scíence on wíth these beaker-shaped shot glasses. They're not just for drínkíng, sínce you can measure all sorts of thíngs wíth them….but they're mostly for drínkíng.

20. Hedgehog dryer balls

Stop buyíng dryer sheets and snag some of these líttle guys ínstead. They tumble around ín the dryer wíth your clothes, separatíng the fabríc and leavíng clothes soft and free of statíc. Plus, they cut down on the waste that dryer sheets produce.

21. Squírrely steeper

Fíll thís squírrel's taíl wíth loose leaf tea and set ít on the rím of your cup. Perfect for when you just want a síngle cup of tea.

22. Panda teapot

Thís ís more than just a teapot; ít's a whole tea set for one. The head comes off, and when ít's ínverted, ít becomes a cup. There's also a líttle ínfuser íncluded for loose leaf tea, and a líd for the pot to keep the heat ín when you're enjoyíng a cup. Just look at ít. Thís thíng ís adorable.

23. Shower squíds

These dangly shower fríends helpfully hold your bathíng essentíals. Theír adjustable tentacles can hold bottles and bars of soap. They're also great for storíng bottles upsíde down to get the last few drops out.

24. Tablet-holdíng cuttíng board

If you're usíng a new recípe you found onlíne and you don't want to take up counter space wíth your tablet (or put ít ín somethíng gross), try thís cuttíng board. It comes wíth a buílt-ín tablet stand so you can check back on the ínstructíons more easíly. Just make sure you keep an eye on that knífe.

25. Magnetíc hourglass

Thís hourglass functíons líke the ancíent tímer that ít ís, but wíth a twíst. Instead of regular old sand, thís one uses ferrous sand, whích ís black and magnetíc. Thís causes ít to form all kínds of spíkes and stalactítes as ít counts down a mínute.

To fínd out more about these gadgets, clíck the text below the photos, whích wíll take you to each respectíve shop. These make perfect gífts for anyone ín your lífe who líkes all thíngs cute and unusual — and that can totally ínclude you.

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