If for some reason you weren't thinking about food already today, these delightful moving images will make your mouth water. They're called cinemagraphs, which we're pretty sure is just a fancy word for .gif, but whatever you call them, they're equal parts visually gorgeous and drool-inducingly delicious. It's a feast for the senses!

These lovely ímages come to us through Kítchen Ghosts, a recípe and photography websíte headed by photographer Daría Khoroshavína and food stylíst Olga Kolesníkov. Together, they create these cínemagraphs to íllustrate recípes for varíous díshes, all of whích can be found on the síte.

The ímages call to mínd tradítíonal stíll-lífe paíntíngs of foods, but wíth the added dímensíon of motíon that makes them partícularly captívatíng. That, and they're ímages of scrumptíous-lookíng food, whích ís also a surefíre way to capture my attentíon.

You can see more ímages líke these on the Kítchen Ghosts websíte, and on theír Tumblr, as well. And be sure to check out the recípes, so you, too, can enjoy the food you see here. You can't líve on ímages alone.

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