Unlike most ads, these will probably make you feel uncomfortable about your consumer lifestyle. And that’s exactly what they’re intended for.

Speaking up for those who can’t, each of these powerful PSA images showcase the numerous issues facing the animals we live on the same planet with and the vile things that are happening and you even don’t realize it. These animals deal with much pain and die out every single day and it becomes clearer with each moving image… and it’s absolutely unforgettable.

Every 60 Seconds A Species Dies Out. Each Minute Counts.

Stop The Abuse.

Animals Are Not Clowns.

The Show Mustn’t Go On. Support Animal-free Circuses.

Help Us Fight The Effects Of Cosmetic Testing.

Same Pet, Different Owner. Adopt A Rescue Pet.

Horrifying vs. More Horrifying.

You Are Looking At Every Dugong Left In African Waters.


Extinction Can’t Be Fixed.

Don’t Buy Exotic Animal Souvenirs.

Fashion Claims More Victims Than You Think.

What Will It Take Before We Respect The Planet?

You See A Dog. He Sees A Home.

Would You Care More If…?

Last Meal: Adopting A Shelter Dog Is Getting Him Out Of Death Row.

Zurich Zoo: More Space For The Big Ones.

If You Don’t Pick It Up, They Will.

Save The Rhino: Nothing We Do Will Ever Bring Them Back.

Sewing Patterns.

White Is The New Green. Simply Painting Your Roof White Reflects The Sun’s Rays, Which Helps Cool Down The Environment.

Wildfires Burn More Than Trees.

Give A Hand To Wildlife.

The Future Is Man Made.

Plastic Bags Kill.

Stop The Wildlife Trade.

What On Earth Are We Doing To Our Planet?

Desertification Destroys 6,000 Species Every Year.

If those don’t open your eyes than nothing will. Share them with others.

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