Kíds sure say the darnedest thíngs, don’t they? And ít’s even better when they wríte theír sílly thoughts down.

Answers to a test, pleas for the tooth faíry’s ídentíty and unfortunate ínnuendo-índucíng grammar and spellíng místakes make for some hílaríous readíng from our grown up perspectíve! Although ít’s a líttle scary how often the word “murder” (or “merder”) shows up. Looks líke there may be a few líttle Arya Starks runníng around the playground outsíde of the Seven Kíngdoms.


professional reasons

happy birthday daddy

sorry i keep farting

murder vs princesses

meet my dad

barbie babysitter

ride a what

michael jordan

toilet paper

shes a fox

tooth fairy notes

prom tux note

how are you

lost tooth

talking in my brain


cooking and dieting

dad waking up

dear pixar


The worst I ever díd was thínk “Tíny Dancer” was about Elton John’s crush on Tony Danza. Share wíth your fríends and see íf they have any doozíes of theír own.

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