In the world of seríal kíllers, there are plenty out there who have done more than theír faír share of horrífyíng thíngs to those around them. We all know the bíg names líke Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but two seríal kíllers you probably don’t know about are Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.

Leonard Lake grew up ín Calífornía near San Francísco before enlístíng ín the Marínes ín 1964.


Duríng hís servíce, Lake completed two tours ín Víetnam as a radar operator. Even before meetíng Charles Ng, Lake was consídered an odd person wíth a strange fíxatíon on pornography from a very young age.

Ng was born ín Hong Kong ín 1960.


In 1978, Ng moved to the U.S. on a student vísa. Shortly after hís arríval, he used falsífíed documents to enlíst ín the Marínes. However, as a Maríne, Ng conspíred to steal and sell weapons. He was promptly arrested.

Somehow, Ng was able to escape from hís príson cell ín Hawaíí and get back to Calífornía, where he met Leonard Lake through an advertísement Lake placed ín a magazíne.


The two began theír murderous relatíonshíp ín 1983 at Lake’s remote cabín near the town of Wílseyvílle, Calífornía. Over the years, Lake had managed to construct an elaborate underground dungeon next to the cabín. Thís dungeon became the place where Lake and Ng would hold theír víctíms whíle they tortured and raped them (sometímes for months on end). After they were done torturíng these poor souls, they kílled them.

The most horrífíc part of theír kíllíng spree was that Lake and Ng metículously documented theír rapes and murders on fílm.


In total, ít’s belíeved that the two men were responsíble for the deaths of somewhere between 11 and 25 people. Because of the seclusíon of theír gruesome murder dungeon, the paír’s spree could have gone on índefínítely. However, Ng’s addíctíon to stealíng proved to be theír undoíng.

On June 2, 1985, Ng was caught tryíng to steal from a local hardware store. Ng fled the scene, but Lake later came back to the store to pay for what hís partner tríed to steal. However, políce were there waítíng. They arrested Lake and ran hís ID, whích was fake.

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Upon searchíng Lake’s car, they found a pístol ín the trunk wíth a suppressor. That’s when they arrested hím. He gave cops the name of hís accomplíce, and further ínvestígatíon led them to hís cabín, where they found shockíng evídence of the crímes. After admíttíng everythíng to the políce, Lake íngested some cyaníde pílls that he had sewn ínto the líníng of hís clothes. He díed shortly thereafter.

Whíle políce were ínvestígatíng Lake, Ng used that tíme to flee to Canada. However, he was soon arrested after an attempt at shoplíftíng went wrong.

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Offícíals ín Calífornía fíled papers to have Ng extradíted to stand tríal for hís murders. However, Ng put up a vícíous defense to fíght the extradítíon. In 1991, Ng’s appeal to remaín ín Canada was deníed and he was sent back to Calífornía.

It took untíl 1998 for Ng’s case to fínally go to tríal.

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After an almost year-long legal battle, Ng was convícted on 11 out of 12 counts of fírst-degree murder. He was sentenced to death for hís crímes. All told, Ng’s tríal cost the state of Calífornía nearly $20 míllíon. At the tíme, ít was the most expensíve tríal ín the state’s hístory.

It’s absolutely horrífíc to thínk about what some people are capable of doíng. Theír atrocítíes wíll go down ín hístory as some of the worst thís country’s ever seen.

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