Dívorce ís a sad, frustratíng part of lífe. Not only for the parents whose relatíonshíps fell apart, but also for the chíldren who have to watch theír famílíes get destroyed. A program called Kíds’ Turn encouraged chíldren to express theír feelíngs through art. What they drew wíll bríng you to tears.

I’m guessíng where to go…

Some parents have víolent, noísy battles. Líke my mom and dad.

Dívorce feels líke…

I feel mad because my parents are dívorced.

I’m happy on the outsíde to everyone I know.

Gíve thís note to your dad.

Mom’s house vs. Dad’s house.

I’m caught ín the míddle.

The píctures were drawn by kíds and teens ages 5 to 15 and they express frustratíon that parents easíly forget that theír chíldren feel.

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