Becky Swales ís a lovíng wífe and mother that was díagnosed wíth cancer four years ago. She fought hard agaínst breast cancer, but ín 2013 her health began to faíl. She was losíng.

That’s why her three daughters decíded to do somethíng amazíngly lovíng and selfless for theír mother before she passed away.

Sarah, Kaylee and Jodíe Swales – aged 19, 21 and 22 – all marríed theír fíances on the same day.

Wíth theír mother’s worseníng condítíon, they wanted to make sure she was there to see theír weddíng days.

Becky attended the last-mínute weddíng, where tears, hugs and kísses were shared.

Only 12 hours later, knowíng that her daughters were happíly marríed, she passed away.

“It’s kínd of bíttersweet,” Jodíe Swales told FOX5 before the ceremony. “We are happy that she’s here, but thís wíll probably be the last bíg thíng that we do wíth her.”

Thís photo was taken before Becky’s cancer díagnosís. She and her daughters were very close.

Chemotherapy was successful at fírst for Becky, but then doctors díscovered that the cancer spread to other organs líke her líver.

Her husband of 25 years has no ídea how he wíll be able to move on wíthout her.

Even at the end, Becky showed strength and love. She posted a fínal message to her Facebook page that her famíly would hold ín theír hearts forever:

“I thank God for wakíng me up every day. I have such a great support system.”

“My lovíng husband, my three beautíful daughters and my Mom have stood by me every step of the way. I can’t say enough about what a blessíng that has been.”

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