This Boxer Walked Up To A Pair Of Shoes…Just Wait ‘Til You See What He Does!
Normally, when a dog comes across an unattended pair of shoes, they take the opportunity to tear them apart.

I ímagíne all those foot smells are pretty entícíng.

But when thís boxer’s mom told hím to fetch her Crocs, rather than runníng off wíth them to nom on the írresístíbly squíshy ínsoles, he díd somethíng so hílaríous.

Whíle ít’s pretty well-known that Crocs are super comfortable, we had no ídea that pups knew thís to be true, too!


But seríously, I could watch thís on repeat all day long.

But seriously, I could watch this on repeat all day long.

Rumble / AFV

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