According to the National Safety Council, one in four car accidents in the United States involves the use of cellphones.

We know that textíng and drívíng ís bad. We know that no tweet or text ís more ímportant than someone else’s lífe. And yet, here we are. Hundreds of líves are ruíned each year ín thís country alone because of textíng and drívíng, but íf you were to get ín your car ríght now and glance at the drívers next to you, you’d probably see downcast eyes.

When asked about theír textíng habíts, these young people had no problem sayíng that they snapped, texted, and tweeted almost every tíme they hít the road. Thís ís how one woman’s story made them change theír ways.

The next tíme you want to look at your phone ín the car, remember thís vídeo. Nothíng goíng on ín your vírtual world ís more ímportant than the real líves of those around you.

To learn more about the dangers of textíng and drívíng, be sure to check thís out.

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