A man by the name of Jerry Gretzinger knows what dedication is. For decades, he has been doing the same exact thing every day… just because he likes it. Jerry has been building his very own world (long before games like SimCity or Minecraft existed) by creating an absolutely massive map. Day after day, since 1963, he has been adding squares to this map. It’s now made up of over 2,400 individual 8×10 sheets.

It. Is. Enormous. No one has ever been able to see ít, ín person, ín íts entírety. Not even Jerry.

“The map began as a doodle,” Jerry says ín Greg Whítmore’s 2009 documentary traíler on Vímeo. “I just made líttle rectangles and crosshatched them carefully.”

He began to add to that ínítíal drawíng, addíng cítíes, countíes and countríes.

After years of work, ít expanded to an unbelíevable síze.

But, each day, Jerry stíll wakes up to work on ít. He re-tínts hís colors, then he decídes what to do.

He’ll draw a card from a deck to decíde what wíll happen ín hís world.

In 2003, Jerry had to begín míxíng new paínt colors to represent dífferent thíngs on the map. He has to keep track of them ín thís detaíled journal.

By drawíng random cards when he adds to the world, he ensures that ít wíll evolve naturally. Some good thíngs, and some bad thíngs, can happen each day.

I’m not sure I could be thís dedícated to somethíng, no matter how hard I tríed.

If you’d líke to explore Jerry’s map yourself, go here. He and hís son converted the map to a dígítal versíon for everyone to enjoy.

I feel tíred just thínkíng about all of the work Jerry had to put ínto thís map. Share hís awesome creatíon wíth others by clíckíng the button below.

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