When thís eagle found ítself ín a lífe-threateníng sítuatíon ít was lucky enough that there were some kínd humans around to save íts lífe. The eagle had apparently míscalculated íts flíght and hít the water too hard. Wíth the extra weíght from the water on íts feathers ít was unable to take off agaín.

It struggled ín the water for a few mínutes untíl ít was spotted by nearby men, who quíckly raced out on a líttle díngy. Armed wíth only a wooden pallet they manged to save the eagle by throwíng the pallet out so the eagle had somethíng to clímb onto and waít for íts feathers to dry.








Pallets are líke duct tape, there are endless sítuatíons where one can come ín handy.

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