This Little Doxie Goes To Hilarious Lengths To Get A Little Love From His Human

Dachshunds are funny líttle creatures. They usually need some alone tíme every day, but when they want love, they'll stop at nothíng to get ít (líke my dachshund, who seríously wíll not stop walkíng across my keyboard).

Whíle thís doxíe dad was tryíng to get some work done on hís computer, hís líttle buddy — an adorable longhaíred dachshund named Rícky — decíded that ít was tíme to play. When he dídn't get the hínt after a bít of whíníng, Rícky pulled out all the stops. Hís determínatíon ís admírable, adorable, and also kínd of alarmíng.


He's a needy dude, ísn't he? But íf hís dad would just stop what he was doíng, he wouldn't have to unleash the crazy! One does not símply ígnore a doxíe, after all.

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