Flowers have always been looked at as a symbol of femininity and natural beauty. Their soft petals and delicate nature fall into stereotypes of what is traditionally considered to be “feminine” by majority of societal standards, and their bright colors are a reminder of the beauty and ability of nature to make outstanding and colorful works of art. Perhaps for this reason, flowers have always been one of the most popular choices for tattoos among men and women alike. Coming in countless shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, the possibilities for a flower tattoo are literally endless. Whether you choose to make flowers the main focus of your body art or use them to accent a larger piece, they are a nice and versatile image to place on your body.
If you are looking to get a flower tattoo, here are just a few examples of what can be done with flower body art.

Intricate Flower Tattoo
This many-layered flower represents the layers of the person who wears it; lucky, strong, and proud.

Flowers and Bees Tattoo
This could be a friendship tattoo, with one person getting the image in cool tones and the other in warm tones

Shoulder Flower Tattoo
This shoulder tattoo is a cool accent to any tank top or beach wear.

Pink Flower Tattoo
This tattoo shows small pink cherry blossom flowers surrounding a larger pink flower in the center.

Blooming Flower Tattoo
This blooming orange flower is sleek.


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