Get the best of both worlds with two-toned hair

Are you always at an impasse, trying to decide which hair color to rock for this year? Well, you don’t have to be torn between two great hair color choices, because now you can dye your hair two-tone! The name speaks for itself – you get to have two different color shades sitting on top of your head.

Platinum blonde bob with pink highlights

What to expect

For best results, visit your hairstylist. Coloring your hair in two tones can be a challenging task. Your hairstylist can give you advice as to which colors to mix and match.

If you have dark hair, you can expect your hairstylist to bleach your hair. This is to make the color molecules ‘stick’ well to your hair and give your tresses the vibrant hue that you desire – without looking too flashy.

Ashlee Simpson have 2 hair shades, dark blonde, almost light brown  and light blonde on tips.

Two toned brown  hair is famous among celebrities. Here are several types of two-toned hair looks you can try out.

Isabel Lucal Two toned ombre hair

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights

Color contrast

With hairstyling, the rule of thumb is to combine two contrasting colors. With this two-toned hairstyle, the key is dyeing your hair in dark and light shades – say golden blonde and auburn. If you want a safe color combination, try the time-tested mixtures of black and caramel, black and red, and black and brown.

Black hair with blue streaks

Pretty bright red hair with black splashes, smokey eye makeup

Another good thing this look is that it gives your hair variation – a color spectacle if you will – when you put it down or up in a ponytail. With this two-toned hairdo, you can shuffle between looks simply by changing your hairstyle.

Two Toned Romantic hairstyle. I like the mix of rebel Red and turquoise blue 

Subtle shade

If you want to make your hair look as natural as possible, then the key is to splash two almost-similar hues. You can mix your strawberry blonde locks with light red, or your golden blonde tresses with a darker shade of blonde. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve an ‘au naturale’ look.

Three toned hair: pastel hair , blonde pink and blue 

How to get  this cute look? Simply apply soft shalk pastels (can be bought in any art store) and get ,, shalking ,,pastel hair effect!

Splash of color

Ash blonde hair with turquoise splash

This is the ordinary two-toned do you will see with rock stars and punks. If you want to make a statement, then what you need to do is to mix your natural hair shade with a vibrant color – like red, blue, or purple. You will never be another pea in the pod with this hair style because your eclectic hair highlights can be seen by people from kilometers away.

Lady Gaga hair  :Platinum blonde with splash of grey  with turquoise 

Some more of awesome hair color ideas:

Pretty two tone hair-mahogany with  bright red highlights

Two-toned hair is a popular hairstyle even a regular person like you can get. With two-tone hair, you can look effortlessly chic from day to night. Just visit your favorite hairstylist and ask her to give you two-toned shades worthy of Oscar red carpet buzz.


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