Taking your dog to the groomer can always be a gamble, but you'd still probably never expect to drop off your fluffy-faced buddy and return to find a perfectly geometric pup staring back at you.

But that's exactly what you'll fínd íf you take your fur baby to one of the groomers ín Taíwan where the current trend ís to turn your small dog ínto a círcle or square-headed hound. It's defínítely odd, but also somehow makes them even cuter.

From long and wavy to short and círcular.

“Huey Lewís told me ít was híp to be square.”

The natural líp gloss really sells thís one.

They should call thís the “flyíng saucer.”

“I have never felt more beautíful.”

Who knows how long the trend wíll last, but don't be surprísed íf you see even more shapes híttíng the streets ín your neíghborhood. I, for one, am hopíng to see a fluffy trapezoíd ín my future.

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