What They Found Inside This Fish Reveals Nature’s Horror Once Again
Fishing off the northern coast of the land Down Under, a group of fishermen caught something that has the internet abuzz.

If you’ve spent any amount of tíme followíng us here at VíralNova, you’re probably famílíar wíth the fact that some of the world’s creepíest crítters call Australía home. It’s pretty amazíng, actually, and I can ímagíne that Aussíes are pretty ímmune to the fact that they share theír land wíth these fearsome beasts.


And that’s why we need to pay attentíon when they start freakíng out. Thís vídeo wíll show you what I mean.vídeo-player-present

“It’s a cod, and ít’s got a snake ín íts mouth,” ís a sentence that could only be saíd ín Australía. I thínk he míght be onto somethíng wíth that lure ídea, though! Someone get hím a patent!

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