Finding a way to make your newspaper listing stand out is difficult. … but not for Felipe Salazar.

Felipe is a designer and was given the task to create a memorable newspaper ad for Corona Kitchen. Instead of creating something flashy, the Colombia-based creative director manipulated the text on a classified ads page. By using skewed lines, strange angles and a lot of creativity, he developed an ad that would catch a reader’s eye.

And then they’d never forget it.

Something’s amiss with this newspaper page…

That’s because there is a 3D advertisement right in the middle. Do you see it?

It’s an ad for Corona Kitchen. By using text alone. Felipe created a 3D kitchen in the middle of the classifieds.

This kind of creativity and advertising is amazing. How he was able to construct a 3D kitchen by only using text is fascinating. If that doesn’t encourage readers to invest in a Corona Kitchen, we’re not sure what will.

Share Felipe’s amazing ad with others. The result of his hard work is amazing.

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