Some people have hobbies… other people have obsessions. One man’s awesome obsession that we stumbled across (thank you, Internet) was that he desired to build a perfect replica of his own home. His medium of choice? Legos.

You’d think the lego model wouldn’t turn out… but it is magnificent. It’s to scale and it even looks like a house. This guy needs to go work at Legoland (if that’s still a place).

One particularly slow Friday night, a man decided to build a replica of his own home.

Using only legos.

He perfected his model…

Even down to the light fixtures and mail boxes.

The back porch.

The lego porch, complete with grass.

Side windows.

Getting a little creative with the lego window blocks.

The house was perfect in every particular, even down to the chimney.

Just, wow.

This guy is GOOD.

We bet this gets ALL of the ladies.

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