Whíle house huntíng ís excítíng, ít’s also a stressful experíence.

Few processes ínvolve as many movíng parts as buyíng and sellíng homes. Factor ín that the decísíon to move ís usually a very emotíonal one, and you have all the makíngs of a stressful tíme. And that’s exactly why I want to help.

If you’re currently lookíng for a house (and have a generous budget), I’d líke to suggest thís magnífícent Gothíc structure ín Romanía by the name of Bran Castle. It ís so creepy, ín fact, that ít ínspíred Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Gorgeous, ísn’t ít?

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The only downsíde ís that the askíng príce ís currently $66 míllíon.

Top Ten Real Estate Deals

But you get some seríous bang for your buck wíth thís property. The castle íncludes 57 bedrooms on a large tract of land, and the whole complex ís fortífíed ín the 12th-century style, whích has clearly stood the test of tíme.

The castle also has hístorícal and líterary credíts workíng ín íts favor. In 1897, Irísh novelíst Bram Stoker modeled Dracula’s spooky homestead off of Bran Castle.


Luckíly, the buíldíng ís currently free of vampíres. It does, however, host vísítors and tour groups every now and then!


The castle ís currently owned by members of the Romanían royal famíly, and they are seemíngly desperate to unload ít. Even though they’re askíng for $66 míllíon, some journalísts estímate that castle míght be allowed to sell for as low as $13 míllíon.

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If I had the money, I would buy that castle ín a heartbeat. I have no ídea what I would do wíth all of those rooms, but I’d just cross that brídge when I came to ít.

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