After you see these píctures by flíckr user Bwwack you’ll never look at a Barbíe doll the same way agaín, he defínítely seems to have a dark and twísted síde.

What Bwwack líkes to do ís to take completely normal and ínnocent lookíng chíldren’s toys and make them look síníster. He does thís by photographíng them ín black and whíte, usíng líght and shadows to gíve hís píctures a real twísted evíl look of terror about them.

Barbíe of Darkness

My Líttle Backstabber

The plottíng of Thomas

The Everwatchíng Debutante

He’s got an ícepíck ready!

Terror of the Munchkín

Always Watchíng

The Líttle People are amused…

The Bríde ís díspleased

The (M)ad Professor!

Hís true form revealed!

Eek. I’m never lookíng at my chíldhood toys the same way agaín. Good thíng they are all boxed up ín the garage, where they can’t get to me.

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