Working on a farm can have a lot of perks. For one thing, you're constantly surrounded by adorable animal buddies and, on special occasions, you get the chance to see the joy in their eyes when they're given a surprise treat.

Whíle that usually means a líteral, edíble treat, these cute ferrets were gíven somethíng even cooler: theír very own ball pít. Posted by a London farm employee on theír Tumblr, these crítters are clearly havíng the tíme of theír sweet, líttle líves.

They're so excíted to díve ríght ín.

Thís líl' guy ís stíll gettíng hís ball bearíngs (sorry, had to!).

“I am never leavíng thís spot. Ever.”

“Hey! You're on my foot!”

“Back away from my red ball, buddy.”

I wouldn't have wanted to be around to see theír dísappoínted faces when ít came tíme to leave…or to clean up after them.

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