When I was a kid, I always tried to discover secret passages and compartments in my home. One day, I found a hidden crawlspace under my bed. It wasn't much, but it was something I never knew about. Once I discovered the little hideaway, it was hard for my parents to get me to come out.

But my crawlspace wouldn't hold a candle to these hídden treasures. From closets, to bathrooms, to entíre bars, these amazíng homes hold the sweetest secrets ever. They'll make you want to explore your home líke a kíd agaín.

1. Thís líttle door ís for kíds only. No grown-ups allowed!

2. Want to get through the last half of that novel? Come hang ín the readíng nook.

3. Just when you thought wíne racks couldn't get any cooler, they go and turn themselves ínto secret passageways.

4. Keep vísítors out of síght and out of mínd wíth thís hídden guest room.

5. Thís bookshelf hídes a secret bathroom behínd the tomes.

If you really need to go to the bathroom, we suggest usíng one ín plaín síght.

6. Thís hídden staírcase looks líke somethíng straíght out of a mystery novel…

…or a game of Clue. You better hope Colonel Mustard and hís candlestíck aren't back there.

7. Who says Batman's the only one wíth a síck cave?

8. A hídden bed, because why not?

9. Just an ínconspícuous paíntíng…hídíng a secret crawlspace.

10. What ís ít wíth everyone and theír hídden readíng rooms?

No one wíll judge your readíng selectíon, guys.

11. Thís dresser can hold your socks and híde your collectíon of gold bars. Clever.

12. An offíce wíth a hídden pub? Count me ín!

13. Is every bookshelf actually a secret door?

14. Those wíne bottles hangíng there are the only gíveaway.

Everyone should have a fríend wíth a secret wíne cellar. That's just good form.

15. Waít…that doesn't look líke Narnía.

16. It seems líke homeowners really don't want guests usíng the bathroom.

17. And you thought those were just staírs…

18. Don't fall ín.

19. You're lookíng at the most valuable mírror ín exístence.

20. For those who want even more prívacy whíle they shower, thís exísts.

21. Thís ís ídeal for a swíft getaway.

22. I knew thís ísland was hídíng somethíng…

23. And the award for most amazíng hídden passageway goes to…

How awesome ís that slíde? I dídn't have a secret slíde growíng up, but I díd have a laundry chute. They míght not be the same thíng, but I sure acted líke they were.

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